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Historic Moondance Diner 

The Moondance Diner was located in Lower Manhatten, New Yor City, from the early 1930’s until 2007.  Originally called the Holland Tunnel Diner, it was eventually moved to 6th and Grand and was renamed the Mondance Diner.  In 2007 it was closed and scheduled for demolition to be replaced by hirise condominiums.  Concerned citizens rallied to save the diner and it was donated to the American Diner Museum.  The Museum marketed the diner nationwide.  Vince and Cheryl Pierce purchased the diner, and Cheryl’s dad, Kent, and husband Vince moved it from New York to LaBarge, Wyoming on a flat bed truck. The diner is being restored and will re-open in the spring of 2008.

See New York category for information about saving the diner
See Moving the Diner for more information about coming to LaBarge
See Restoration for information about current reconstruction of the diner

The Pierces

Vince and Cherly Pierce have lived in Labarge since 2004.  They have two childen, Mathew and Ruby.  Vince works as a water truck driver in the gas fields and Cheryl has worked part time at the Library until they decided go into the diner business.  Cheryl’s ancestors homesteaded the land where Labarge not stands and have roots in the Green River Valley around the Big Piney area.

See Founding of Labarge for more information.

New Location

Labarge, Wyoming is a small town of about 400 people located in southwestern Wyoming about 110 miles south of Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park.  The Moondance Diner is located at the corner of 6th & Main in Labarge.  It last location was on the corner of 6th and Grand in New York.

See About Labarge for more information about the town and area.

Driving Directions 

From Salt Lake City, Uath and the southwest – Travel I-80 east until Kemmerer exit (Hwy 189) 13 miles east of Evanston, Wyoming.  Travel 39 miles north along Hwy 189 to Kemmerer, Wyoming. Continue on Hwy 189 north 48 miles to Labarge, Wyoming.  Labarge is approximately 180 miles and 3 hours northeast of Salt Lake City. Mapquest Directions from Salt Lake City.

From Rock Springs, Wyoming and the southeast – Travel I-80 west until Hwy 372 exit about 6 miles west of Green River, Wyoming.  Travel 44 miles north on Hwy 372 until junction with Hwy 189.  Turn right and travel north 22 miles to Labarge, Wyoming.  Labarge is approximately 95 miles and 1-1/2 hours northwest of Rock Springs, Wyoming.  This is a scenic and historic route.  Take time to see the Seeds-ke-dee Wildlife refuge and parts of the old Oregon Trail along Hwy 372. Mapquest directions from Rock Springs.

From Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the north – Travel Hwy 191/189 south 60 miles to Daniel, Wyoming Junction.  Turn south on Hwy 189 and travel 40 miles to Labarge, Wyoming.  Labarge, Wyoming is about 110 miles and 2 hours south of Jackson Hole. Mapquest directions from Jackson Hole.

From New York City - 2124 miles west on I-80 along the Moondance Trail.  Use the directions from Rock Springs above when you get close.  Mapquest directions from old NY Moondance location to new LaBarge location.

The Historic Moondance Diner is located at the coner of 6th and Main St. (Hwy 189) in Labarge, Wyoming.  You can’t miss it once you reach Labarge. 

Contact Information:

Cheryl and Vince Pierce
584 S. Main
PO Box 455
Labarge, WY 83123

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