For more than 70 years, the Moondance Diner was a special place to many people and we now hope to make it a special place in Labarge, Wyoming.  Please share with us your memories and thoughts about the Moondance Diner by leaving a reply below. 

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  1. Clint Says:

    This is such a great project. Glad to see your respect of the Moondance Diner heritage in New York and your enthusiasm for making the next phase something both New York and Wyoming can be proud of. Good luck Cheryl and Vince.

  2. telliott Says:

    Best Wishes to Vince & Cheryl on their grand adventure!

  3. BlueSkies Says:

    Congratulations!! I hope to be in your shoes some day soon with my own diner. Please contact me as I would love to gain some advice/perspective from you!

  4. blackhorse Says:

    WE are looking so forward to your opening day! I have followed along with your progress through the media and, of course,through Kristy. We are so proud of you and know that you guys will do fantastic! We are so blessed to know you and all of your wonderful family, and just wanted to commend you on your momentous undertaking. You beautiful diner will be a delightful additon to our community.
    P.S. I loved your logo, very creative.

  5. kristy Says:

    Good Luck Cheryl and Vince. I am so excited about the Diner and can’t wait for it to open. I wait anxiously for the passing of each milestone. I am cheering from the sidelines.

  6. mjdavid Says:

    My only visit to (through) LaBarge resulted in a speeding ticket while enroute to “The Winds”. Now it looks like I will have something to slow down for. The PO-lice will be easy to find for sure. Sounds like a great project. I’m getting hungry just looking at the logo. Can’t wait for my next trip to ‘oming!

    Birmingham, AL

  7. WyShiney Says:

    Looking so forward to having the Moondance open for
    business. We live in LaBarge May through October, 08
    will be our 4th summer. We wish you much success.

  8. Queens Crapper Says:

    Read this today:

    Wyoming winter causes damage to erstwhile NYC diner

  9. bigbadwolf Says:

    I hope you guys have success in repairing, i am excited to eat there when I deliver to LaBarge!

    Ur frndly nbrhd frito guy

  10. Pamella Yttri Says:

    I can’t wait to eat at the new Moondance with all of it’s history. We live in Big Piney and been watching what goes on with this place since it was moved here from New York. Let me know if you need someone on the computer to do reseach for you. I am free and retired so home all day just playing with dogs…Good Luck Pamella

  11. astralclouds Says:

    Being from London, England, we were saddened to discover in February that our favourite NYC diner had disappeared from the site on Sixth and Grand. We were last there having breakfast and chatting with the staff in late May 2007.

    However, it now seems we may have an excuse for organising a road trip out west – looking forward to seeing how well the old rail cars have stood up to being hauled cross-country and battered by the winter storms.

  12. Dawn Says:

    Cheryl, thank you for the Moondance Diner cookie tins I ordered. I love the commemorative 2007 tins and will save one for a keepsake momento of the Moondance coming to Wyoming. I plan to give the rest to family snd friends as gifts. The cookies are delicious, soft and with lots of chocolate chips! Best wishes to you and Vince on this project. Your efforts restoring the Moondance Diner, and sharing the history you are discovering along the way, makes a wonderful and inspiring story. I can’t wait for the Grand Opening later this year!

  13. heather0073 Says:

    This sounds like a great endeavor! I am from Dillon, Mt and knew Vince from my high school days. It sounds to me like he is still quite the adventure seeker!;) I think it’s amazing that the two of you took on a project like this- I hope everything works out well for you! I figured I would see his name in the paper or on the news, but not in the New York Times and not for something as great as this! :) Just teasing, Cheryl, you’ve got a great guy there~ please tell him hello from Heather in Dillon- maybe one day I’ll get down that direction to see this project for myself. Take care and happy dining!

  14. h2ojetga Says:

    Cheryl & Vince

    How are you? I hope things are going well so far. Any advice for someone thinking of doing something similar? I would love to move an historic diner to the southeast.

    David Arthur

  15. ROLLTIDE Says:

    Will be in your area around AUG12 hope you will be open. We’ll be coming from Woodstock, GA, about thirty miles north of ATL.

  16. jack Says:

    I own MasterCopy 24/7 in New York City.
    We were the printing company that handled the Moondance account.
    It was quite interesting to be at home watching the Michael Clayton movie and see one of our ‘menus’ !
    We wish the new owners much luck and success.

    Jack Benisi

  17. dalayne293 Says:

    Way to go Vince and Cheryl! I am from Dillon and use to know Vince very well I just moved back to Dillon and had heard about Vince’s adventure and just wanted to say good luck! Best wishes to you both…

  18. Chet Says:

    I live in Montana but am originally from NYC, having been born and raised in the Bronx. I lived and worked in and around NYC for 48 years and spent sixteen of those years installing and repairing traffic signals and street lights in Manhattan and the Bronx. My job took me throughout the myriad canyons of both boroughs. While on my lower Manhattan route, I sometimes would stop in at the Moonlight for coffee and a burger. For old times sake I’m looking forward to doing that again!!

  19. WyomingJade Says:

    I was born and raised in Wyoming, now live in Idaho. On my many trips home to visit family, I often go through your area, and we will make an effort to visit the diner on our next trip home. I also know Chet, from NY, and he is full of great stories, about where he has been, and the jobs he has had. He told me about the diner being moved to Wyoming, as he knows I LOVE WYOMING !!! Best of luck to you, and look foreward to seeing the diner…

  20. mommajo Says:

    Hey Cheryl! Best of luck with Moondance! I hope all goes well. Way to follow your dream. We don’t get over that way very often now that mom and dad are close, but if we do get to LaBarge, we’ll definatly stop!

  21. Switzerland Says:

    Hi Managers.
    It is good to know to have a fine Restaurant on the way Jakson to Salt Lake City.
    Best of luck with Moondance! I hope all goes well and busy in your small town.
    I will have a cafe-break with my group (15 Pax) on Monday 2nd February 2009 at the MOONDANCE DINER.
    Alles Gute und viel Glück zur Neueröffnung wünscht dem Moondace Diner Team, Martin Lehmann, Thun, Switzerland.

  22. Switzerland Says:

    Dear Website Manager. Yesterday I have send to you the GOOD WISHES. I have make a small mistake in writing: My
    Website is Please correct it. Thank you!
    Hi Managers.
    It is good to know to have a fine Restaurant on the way Jakson to Salt Lake City.
    Best of luck with Moondance! I hope all goes well and busy in your small town.
    I will have a cafe-break with my group (15 Pax) on Monday 2nd February 2009 at the MOONDANCE DINER.
    Alles Gute und viel Glück zur Neueröffnung wünscht dem Moondace Diner Team, Martin Lehmann, Thun, Switzerland.

  23. diali Says:

    Hi Cheryl, I had written you e-mails early last year from NYC (and ordered some of your DELICIOUS cookies). I’m SO happy to hear of your opening. I was nervous when I read about the roof collapse last winter. Thanks to all of you for your determination, and the way you lovingly gave the Moondance Diner a new life! Wish you all the best of luck—and many, many customers!

  24. BrighamAuger Says:

    First of all I wanted to say thank you for stopping by the Sinclair Station in Kemmerer Wyoming..I hope I can help you like you have helped us with putting a great restaruant to eat in..And if you need a cook I am able to drive and help you..I have cooked for big restaraunt(Flying J.) I live in Kemmerer but I will cummute. Please call my cell phone 435-757-1229
    Talk to you soon.
    Brigham Auger

  25. LoveWyoming Says:

    We moved to WY from PA in 1992 and reopened a Lodge and put in a Restaurant. We also bought a closed Convenience Store and rebuilt the Business. We work very hard but get such joy out of knowing what we have accomplished. We have never looked back. You are to be commended for sticking to your goals.
    We will be stopping in at your Diner on Saturday, Feb 28th to celebrate our 45th Wedding Anniversery. We have been following your story and are excited to see what you have accomplished. It will be a long drive. We live near Laramie, WY. Hope to get there for lunch.

  26. Abernathy Says:

    Wishing you well. Another Manhattan diner, the Munson Diner, was moved to Liberty, NY where it sat unfinished and unopened for a couple of years despite the enthusiasm of the group that originally rescued it from developer plans in the city. It is open but poorly frequented in a town whose economy is precarious at best. We would love to see it succeed, as we hope yours will, as well.‘05.pdf

  27. LoveWyoming Says:

    What a great 45th Anniversary weekend we had; all starting off w/a great lunch at the Moondance on Feb 28th. You have done a GREAT!job in restoring the Diner. Cheryl, Ilene, Tanya and Denise were such enjoyable people to meet. Those of you from New York who are familiar w/this diner need to see how they have put it all back together. I think the original graffiti wall in the bathroom are a great touch. I certainly enjoyed experiencing them. The Tins of cookies are great! A must for any collector. They are available on this site under Memorabilia. For any of you that have memories of the Diner, this would be a great destination. After having such a wonderful time at the Diner we headed toward Riverton WY and followed the Oregon Trail/Pony Express Route a great part of the way. We were able to stop in at some great old mining towns along the way experiencing Western History. What a GREAT EXPERIENCE!

  28. Steve Dover Says:

    Hi Vince & Cheryl,
    I grew up in Kemmerer and now live near San Luis Obispo, California. Even though I live in California, Wyoming is in my blood. On March 6th, I was in Kemmerer for my mom’s birthday and my family said let’s go to the Moondance Diner in LaBarge. We went on the 7th and it was quite a treat! I hope that the diner is very successful and is a landmark for years to come. The place was hopping when we were there. (At least half of the crowd was from Kemmerer. It was like a town reunion.) My California born wife proudly wears her Moondance Diner t-shirt and drinks her morning coffee out of her travel mug! By the way, my parents and my sister’s family have already been back a couple of times, so you must be doing something right. Keep up the good work!

  29. CherellZac Says:

    Hello Tanya, Cheryl and the rest of the crew!
    I have had the wonderful experience of trying your food! Totally awesome! I had to get it to go but so worth it. Zac and I will make it in to see you guys next time we are home! But I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy that your doing so fantastic! I love to read all the good things on the website!
    Good luck again! And lots of love!
    Cherell and Zac Christensen

  30. CARLEEN Says:

    i just wanted to say hello, i knew vince when he lived in montana, sounds like he is doing well. my kids, thomas, amanda and hunter have all watched your journey with this diner, as i have, good luck to you both and congratulations!

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