January 12, 2009 – OPEN!


Moondance is Open!
Moondance at night

…the day Moondance Diner opened its doors for business.  At 5:30 am Monday morning, we will begin serving great coffee and delicious breakfasts. We are so excited for this day!  We have so many people to thank for getting us here.   We hope everyone gets a chance to visit us and wants to come back for more.  We welcome any suggestions  to make us better.  Like I have said before, we want our guests to know we appreciate the company and the conversation and we want to give them great service and fantastic food.  This will be quite a learning experience for Cheryl and I and we will do what it takes to get it right.  Most of all we are looking to have FUN!  Please stop by to see us.

More Photos at Pinedale Online.


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  1. wufwiddo Says:

    Good Morning,
    Hope you’ve got customers standing in line all the way to Big Piney. Congratulations on this project!:) Have been following it through the Casper Star Tribune, and forward stuff to all the email accounts I have. But, I doubt Graeme and I will be rushing down for a burger anytime real soon-his job keeps getting in the way of fun. Anyway, the best of everything to you all!
    Bev & Graeme McDougal

  2. kwalker Says:

    Vince,Cheryl,Tanya–Congradulations on the completion of the restoration. Now the tough part is making all customers happy that visit. Its impossible but a worthy goal. As a fellow diner restorer/owner I know somewhat of the hurdles you have had to overcome. I’m sure its a relief to be open although the hard working of making a buck to stay open is even more challenging. I look forward to making the trip up there within the next few months if you can spare some time to give me the full tour. Although our markets are different, please call if my limited restaurant experience can be of assistance. Keith Walker -Restorer http://www.roadislanddiner.com Oakley,Utah 435-671-2538

  3. heather0073 Says:

    The place looks fabulous! Congratulations to you guys on this great accomplishment! I wish you the best of luck for a prosperous adventure~ maybe one of these days I’ll have to take a road trip :)

    Heather in Montana

  4. dramadeb Says:

    I just read the Associated Press story about the Moondance Diner moving to Wyoming. Congratulations on saving such a wonderful diner. I was surprised, though, not to see any mention of the Moondance in NY being where Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Jonathan Larson worked for 10 years while he wrote the musical “Rent.” When PBS did their anthology on Broadway, they did a whole piece on Jonathan and the Moondance. A film crew was there on his last day at the diner. Pretty cool.
    Anyway, just a note from a theater geek. Good luck!

  5. kitkat Says:

    I really just wanted to comment that I was awake watching the news at – idk, 3 am? and I thought this was the coolest story!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you made this interesting diner into your dream – I wish you all the luck and if I ever end up any where near there, I am SO stopping in!!! great job! it looks amazing!! that classic look just works!!

    love it!!! :) !!!!!

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