In Addition…. Exceptional Food Begins In The Kitchen

Our kitchen addition arrived in great spirits…. a long trip from Kansas was not quite the journey Moondance took last August. We worked with a company in Riverton Wyoming to design a 16×70 structure to serve as a commercial kitchen for Moondance Diner. One may be puzzled by its size. Yet after careful consideration (and knowledge of how quickly I can fill empty space with furniture and appliances) I decided that storage would be crucial. Plans for walk-ins and plenty of dry storage meant the ability to keep customers satisfied and an uncompromised till; eliminating the tempatation to use money from the till to re-stock items we’ve run short on because of inadequate storage! I have done some research about restaurants and storage may not ever be enough. We have an office area, baking center, chef’s nest, warewashing, utilities, and finally a roomy restroom one will find clean enough to wash their hands in! (a little bantor as to the cleanliness of some public restrooms)   We have some elements to add to it’s interior to meet commercial codes. It will be a great day when it is complete so we can begin moving in applicances we have been storing since December of 2007.  I have grand plans for this kitchen…. it is where the great food begins.

Once the addition arrived it had to be craned onto it’s already poured foundation (this was planned and poured back in February). A local crane operator from Mountain States in Big Piney did an excellent job of lifting the addition and setting it….. this was another of many special moments for me. I was able to take video of this event as well as a local couple here in La Barge that took an interest in it that day. They have since given me a copy of the video…. capturing this special marriage between buildings. ”You complete me?” Ring a bell. Okay that’s cliche but appropriate. Some finish work by Hack’s Construction and the buildings will be united; by construction standards more importantly.   

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