What once was old is new again!

Team Moondance set the original Moondance Diner floor (the steel i-beam floor) Wednesday. It comfortably rests on the recently poured foundation . With the help of a local “boom” truck operator from BASIC here in La Barge,  Donald Hacklin and his crew Rowdy Headrick and Walter “BO” Bohannon began the -7 degree morning early with high expectations and after a bit of time fantastic results! The old floor is now new again! I was on hand to photograph the event…. this was the final step in the foundation phase of restoration.  The remaining restoration only goes UP from this point on…. we are very excited that the project is moving along. With any luck the Groundhog that saw his shadow predicted incorrectly… nothing that a Moondance entree and delcious slice of cream pie won’t fix . Who knows maybe he was malnourished and could use some quality food and service for once! We look forward to the possibility of his patronage upon our Grand Opening. (In the meantime he can sustain very well  on a Moondance Diner Tin filled with “The Diner Dozen”. Please refer to our memorabilia section for ordering details!) Keeping everyone posted as to the restoration progress is a great pleasure. We appreciate the interest and support.

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