New York Architect Lends A Helping Hand

Finally got the opportunity to speak to Frederic Schwartz on the phone last week.  He is helping to locate the Moondance Diner blueprints which were an integral part in the Alan Bushbaum interior done in 1983.  He refers to himself as Fred and has been the “breath of fresh air” once before during the “cease order” issued by the City of New York while Vince and my Dad, Kent awaited the removal of Moondance Diner from the New York sidewalk.  Not certain how his words of encouragment (or possibly a phone call) lifted the “cease order” but soon after a brief conversation on site in Manhattan the work resumed and the rest is New York History! Now he has once again (dawning an ever so modest cape) offered to assist us in finding the sketches that will inevitably reveal some truths about Moondance Diner and it’s hidden amenities. This will be a new beginning for Moondance Diner; although we have to give credit to its very substantial  roots. This is so well said in the quote “Remember, the mightiest oak was once a little nut that held its ground.” Veronica

Three Cheers For Fred!

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