If These Diner Walls Could Talk

Team Moondance ended the last week (January 18th) with a well-needed sense of accomplishment. After the snow damage to the roof and the front wall of the Moondance, we were able to sift through, salvage, and remove materials from the original structure. Next step… plan D (for Destination Diner!) This process was difficult because we had the best of intentions to maintain the original Diner structure during the re-construction phase.  As it was, the aged structure made a great effort (after a little research this could be close to 90 years!). We are pleased to have the majority of the most integral orginal materials to include in the re-furbished Moondance. Some of these materials will be displayed and included in  a most creative way. Pieces that we were unable to salvage were taken to our family’s private property to continue to be carefully looked over for any historical significance. This task was undertaken by Shylo (fortunately with CDL in tow) and we thank her for her help with this part of the project last week. Her smile shown brightly despite any gremlins that may have crossed her path.  Speaking of gremlins…. they may have tinkered with the backhoe a bit (yeah that flat tire didn’t halt the process!) ! Donald rounded up a front-loader to complete the task of transferring the Moondance Diner floor from the former “temporary” site next to the foundation where it will be the seed for the Diner’s upcoming reincarnation.  This is the historical justice due to the Moondance Diner… the union of its original steel-beam floor with a re-constructed frame and a new barrel roof (turn of the century brilliance meets 21st century assembly). This is the kind of spine-tingling nostalgia that makes every step closer to opening Moondance doors worth it. In addition Big Thanks to Bo (whom I believe may have come out of early retirement just to help with this project), Larry (whom also has the much warmer task as town councilman for La Barge yet helped us out in the cold ) and Rowdy(whom has given us well-needed inspiration for an upcoming Diner calender).  This is truly a group effort. National and local support continues to find it’s way via our website, e-mail, snail mail and phone. Vince and I appreciate the kudos. Speaking of Vince….. he has taken on the nightly task of Diner research.  This provides a necessary yet convenient distraction from his day job (which can easily be described as 14 hours of keeping water tanks; which are constantly on the brink of overflow; at bay….. all the while running a traffic gauntlet not much different than a small city) . His latest research has included manufacturers and their subsidiaries and he has located the company that so proudly stamped their names on the “formed concrete” imbedded within the entire West wall of the Moondance. This wall also proudly displayed two windows which had been covered up over the years.  It is possible we may include them once again.  Some of the mystery of the original structure of Moondance Diner has dissipated as the puzzle is slowly assembled . On the other side of the coin its historical intrigue intensifies as our minds try to envision the thousands of patrons whom found themselves dining at Moondance. I wonder what might have been going on in their lives at the time; whether it be celebration, an after-the -concert get together, business luncheon, family outing, date-night, or simply (as we’ve been told once was) the best blue plate special in 40 blocks! THIS is our aspiration and the fact that our competition (40 blocks or not) will be quite distant; geographically and otherwise.

Thanks for the lending an ear. Again.

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