The Jay Thomas Milkshake…. Radio Host Plans To Air From Moondance?

Jay Thomas interviewed me today on his talk show…. I was told we followed a segment on New York City toilets? As I do not have Sirius Satellite Radio I may soon become a subscriber.  I anticipated a little skepticism yet found the humor refreshing. As far as interviews go… this being my second live radio interview…. I think it went as well as expected. Got a pitch for the website and maybe a “fingers-crossed behind his back” promise of airing his radio show live from Moondance upon our Grand Opening this Spring. We welcome Jay Thomas and upon his arrival we’ll give a classic milkshake a brand new twist “The Jay Thomas Milkshake” could be a hit ! Thank you for the continued interest in our dream and we appreciate the support from everyone… all listeners and radio personalities alike.

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