Serious Siruis Interview…The Jay Thomas Show Talks Moondance Diner!

Upcoming this Tuesday I will have the wonderful opportunity to partake in a live radio interview with the actor Jay Thomas. He has a new show on Sirius Satellite channel 102.  I was contacted on Friday by Lauren, a representative of the show, and apparently he has been following the Moondance Diner story and is interested to hear about our dream and adventure in moving it here to Wyoming. For those of you who do not have Sirius Satellite I will update my blog and let everyone know the jist of the interview. We appreciate the continued interest.

For more information go to and look under “Sirius Stars” for The Jay Thomas Show on channel 102.
P.S.  A quick side note to a local newspaper reporting the intentions of Rachel Ray to visit our Moondance Diner upon our Grand Opening.  I have spoken to a representative of The Rachel Ray Show back in August of 2007.  She was very interested in our story and did a brief telephone interview at that time indicating that if there was future interest on their part they would contact me in the future.  Although a visit from Rachel Ray or a second chance at an interview would be exceptional, I do not want it reported that any visit has been scheduled at this time. Rachel Ray is always welcome in La Barge and it would be an honor to serve her once the Moondance Diner opens its doors!!!!

Thanks for lending me an ear!

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