Moondance Damaged

The Moondance Diner faces its latest challenge.  Last Friday, the diner suffered damage when the weak walls gave way to wyoming weather.

While Wyoming weather can be brutal, the reality is that 80 years of New York weather and time had already taken its toll.  Most of the wood in the original structure was severly deteriorated and Wyoming weather just gave it that final push.

The good news is that the moondance has been under renovation for the past several months.  During that process, most of the internal features such as floor, stools, counter, lights, etc have been removed and are safe in storage.  The revolving moon sign and external metal siding were also removed and are in storage.  Several of the windows have survivied and the floor is solid, having been reinforced a couple months ago.  Basically what has been lost is the 80 year old walls.  This week the walls will be disassmble to preserve whatever is possible.  The roof is still intact, but has sagged over the years and will not be structurally sound enough to hold the sign. 

 Plans are now to build a new domed roof and walls to the same specifications as the orignal reusing as much of the salvaged material as posible.  Rebuilding the roof gives the oportunity to replace the original skylight that was covered over years ago. The remaining preserved materials can then be put back in the diner.  The diner will be restored to its 1983 Bushbamn design.

Shortly after the diner arrived in Labarge, Wyoming, the metal siding on the back covered in New York graffiti was removed and placed in storage.  This revealed an older wall of wood that was also covered in graffiti.  That wall had not been removed, but survived the damage and will be salvaged.

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