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A little about what I’ve been up to…

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

We plan to use the category of diner dishing to give you little tidbits of information about what you can expect at Moondance Diner. When we are open and serving, you will be able to find details on many of the fun experiences we will offer.   A few items to watch for are Sunday Menus, Monday Madness and Wednesday Happy Soda Hour so stay logged on. For now, I am taking the opportunity here to tell you a little about what I’ve been up to.  In April I became a member of Team Moondance.  Most of my experience is in numbers but a lot of my passion is in the creative areas like menu design and recipe development.  I have been diligently working in the wings over the past four months analyzing food costs, budgets and menu prices as well as developing our signature look for our menu.  I am preparing for training on a new point of sale system and learning about inventory.  I may not know from day to day the tasks I will be asked to tackle which makes it all that more interesting. I am grateful my role in Team Moondance provided me a flexible schedule and chance to spend this summer with my kids by working from home. Both my sister and I grew up with generations of excellent cooks.  Our mother and grandmother exposed us to delicious cooking at early ages and when we were in high school, we spent summers cooking for my aunt on her guest ranch.   So many memories were made with our family around a great meal at the big dinner table. Cooking at home and running a restaurant have stark contrasts but our motives for the diner are similar.  We want to provide our guests with a memorable experience as though they happened to show up at the house around dinner time and we are inviting them to join us.  We appreciate the company and the conversation. We can’t wait to meet you or see you again, whichever the case may be!