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Soda Fountain Blessing

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Vince has been keeping an eye out for a soda fountain to complete the Moondance Diner. In July he came across one on E-bay and contacted our Aunt, Toni David, whom is very familiar with E-bay. She won the bid for us and we immediately made arrangements with the owner of the soda fountain to pick it up. We knew it’s size (a perfect fit for our limited Diner space) and that it was anitque yet re-conditioned. It is an All-Dry Bastian Blessing complete with an ice-cream dipping compartment and two soda jerks. It also has dipping wells for all the toppings. Each ceramic well indicates whether is holds caramel, hot fudge etc etc. It needs some TLC… cleaning and shining up the stainless steel. The compressor runs well and we hope that it will be a intriguing focal point at the Diner. We appreciate our newest acquaintences in Wisonsin…. Harold Heopner and his niece Diane Poushe. After purchasing the unit at a rummage sale about 20 years ago, Harold intended on using it in his home but never got the opportunity. He and Diane have stored it ever since. Vince, Mathiew, Ruby and I will fondly remember our trip to Wisonsin…. it was a well-needed family get-away. Harold was not available the day we loaded up the Soda Fountain but made certain that his niece Diane and neighbor were there to help us out. We thank them kindly and look forward to their visit to Moondance so that we can serve them their favorite ice cream treat!