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Get Your Shine On!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Part of our goal with Moondance Diner from the beginning was to re-store/re-construct the integrity of the structure while incorporating as many of the original components (asthetic or otherwise) as possible. When we removed the stainless steel siding from Moondance to re-store and repair the framework for the walls; we discussed how we could use it to re-side the Diner once that point in time arrived. Prior to re-locating the Moondance Diner; the riggin’ company in NYC had to remove it from the sidewalk at it’s location in SoHo. This unveiled a 1 foot portion a long the entire bottom of the Diner that was not sided with stainless. We determined that it would be better to re-side the Moondance with new siding rather than trying to patch together new and old siding to create a ”seamless, shiny and weather-worthy exterior”.  We found a company in SLC that could manufacture siding that resembled the original steel and have kept the characteristically scarred siding to include inside the Diner in some very creative ways. Ofcourse this is one of the many surprises we hope to keep under wraps until our opening.

Don Hacklin and Shylo Jenkins withstood the hot July temperatures to cut & custom fit the stainless steel trim for the doors and windows and some of the sign housing. Once the trim had been secured each piece of siding was attached. This process meant handling the super-hot stainless not to mention how it’s bright reflection created additional challenges those few days. I do have to say that their efforts are certainly worth it. This is one of the final exterior elements that defines Moondance Diner and its family of classic stainless eateries. We are awaiting a few additional pieces of trim to finish the south side…. so it may be “hot to handle” part deux.   The sign also got it’s crowning glory as it was capped with stainless trim; this finishing touch were the efforts of Don Hacklin and Walter “Bo” Bohannon.  

Please join us; on the patio….

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Upon the Diner’s quiet Wyoming reception….. we planned what elements to include in addition to the Moondance Diner itself in order to facilitate quality food and service. One of course was a commercial kitchen addition and the other was outdoor seating…. keeping in mind the warm Wyoming summers and beatiful autumn evenings.  After sketching and re-sketching some ideas I came up with a concrete patio. “I think it should be a half circle; moon-shaped?; enough room for some small tables, benches, possibly a band, grill…..” my mind stretched with the possiblities. This patio would mean extra seating and a place for fun events the Moondance will have the opportunity to host.

A few weeks before scheduling the concrete pour we tossed some ideas around as to how to make it a unique feature; possibly incorporating stamping or colors? Our G.C. Don Hacklin thought of a friend whom he’d worked with in California whom may want to come to Wyoming to help form a few design elements that could be poured with concrete dyed with colors of our choosing. Vince spent a morning over at the Moondance to help lay-out a moons and stars pattern to be formed then poured. Don’s friend Jake made the journey to La Barge for a week and formed and assisted with the pour. It was interesting to see the design take shape. This will be a much enjoyed aspect of Dining at the Moondance! Vince asked that plans for a natural gas heating element be included so that one can enjoy the patio while sipping cider ;a truly divine scenario for a crisp October evening.