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The Diner Dozen

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Moondance Cookie TinsMoondance Diner cookie tins have arrived. Fill them with “The Diner Dozen”. Choose from our delectable selection of Diner favorites to have all to yourself or gift to someone special ! The classic white tin or streamlined silver tin features our logo… for a limited time only we have available the 2007 tin (the year Moondance arrived in Wyoming) in addition to the 2008 tin. To place an order please contact me at or the following phone # (307) 260-6503 and ask about shipping rates and dates! We hope your collectable tin will last for years to come… the cookies; well that’s a different story!

Moondance Diner Tin (filled)  $14.00 (+ shipping) 
1 Dozen Cookies of one kind

SHIPPING: In order to maintain the best quality and freshness, it is recommended that the cookies be shipped next day priority or 2-day priority. This rate will vary depending on the number of tins ordered. Once you have placed an order you will receive a rate confirmation. Accepted forms of payment include Credit/Debit cards such as Mastercard/Visa, American Express and Discover or a money order made payable to Moondance Diner, LLC.  Please allow 3-4 days to process your order and the additional time for shipping. Once your tin has been shipped an additional confirmation will be sent.

Choc. Chip/ Peanut Butter/Wh. Choc. Macadamia/Wh. Choc. Cherry/Rocky Road


What once was old is new again!

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Team Moondance set the original Moondance Diner floor (the steel i-beam floor) Wednesday. It comfortably rests on the recently poured foundation . With the help of a local “boom” truck operator from BASIC here in La Barge,  Donald Hacklin and his crew Rowdy Headrick and Walter “BO” Bohannon began the -7 degree morning early with high expectations and after a bit of time fantastic results! The old floor is now new again! I was on hand to photograph the event…. this was the final step in the foundation phase of restoration.  The remaining restoration only goes UP from this point on…. we are very excited that the project is moving along. With any luck the Groundhog that saw his shadow predicted incorrectly… nothing that a Moondance entree and delcious slice of cream pie won’t fix . Who knows maybe he was malnourished and could use some quality food and service for once! We look forward to the possibility of his patronage upon our Grand Opening. (In the meantime he can sustain very well  on a Moondance Diner Tin filled with “The Diner Dozen”. Please refer to our memorabilia section for ordering details!) Keeping everyone posted as to the restoration progress is a great pleasure. We appreciate the interest and support.

The Foundation For Our Dream Has Now Been Set!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Pouring ConcreteYesterday was a day to celebrate. Weather permitted the final pour for Moondance Diner’s foundation.  After what seems like months of near bitter cold, the circumstances were quite suitable to complete the pour for the concrete forms on the Diner site. With camera in tow I snapped photos of the process; breathing a sigh of relief to its finality yet at the same time feeling eager anticipation for the remainder of the project that can now begin. G. C. Donald Hacklin and his assistant, Rowdy Headrick,  spent the day channeling the concrete mix down into the Logix Insulated Styrofoam Forms. A company from Big Piney supplied the concrete. We are very pleased with the work and how everything is coming together. The inspector was also on site and indicated his anticipation to visit once we are open.  The Moondance Crew has hopes of setting the original floor sometime this week…. and then the project should really take off. There are so many things to do… I can certainly equate Project Moondance with having children.  The 9 months is such a process… so many things to  accomplish and so many people asking… when??? It’s a time of exhileration and great expectation to the end… and THEN once your baby has arrived a whole new kind of work begins! As the local community as well as our national community of patrons (NCOP) see more progress on site I believe that it will generate more excitement and sense that Moondance Diner, The Encore is in store!