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New York Moon Will Shine Again In Wyoming

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

New York Moon Will Shine Again In Wyoming! In the past 80 years (that would be many moons ago), the Moondance Diner has welcomed many dedicated patrons and a few celebrity types.  Serving up a heap of banana pancakes, one mean cup of joe, and not to mention a dollup of Soho Sensationalism, its presence on the corner of 6th and Grand has been, to many, part of their daily routine. What once was, is now a mere shadow; cast not by the Moon, but piles of dust and debris gathered for a quiet memorial.All is not lost! As someone once said, “let there be light!” This weary traveler has arrived and, as expected, slightly morphed. It is a hollow shell; its belly no longer full of busy patrons stopping by for a quick bite and chit chat…. Its glorious neon crown safely stowed in storage and no extra frills or fancy trim to distract; just a diner. Moondance has given its all for the over 2300-mile journey and so, as it deserves, will cozy itself into a resting spot for a short while.Although its light has dimmed, it is not diminished. The Diner will get its dues; just like the classic black and white feature film gets color. The Moondance will once again be a beacon for dedicated patrons; serving up a heap of banana pancakes, one mean cup of joe, and not to mention a dollup of Wyoming Wit. Look West, reach for the Moon, and you’ll always land amongst the stars, (maybe a celebrity or two?)

New caretakers Vince, Cheryl, Mathiew & Ruby Pierce, would like to thank the following people who helped with Mission Moondance: Phase 1. We appreciate all the support, prayers, phone calls, time, energy and money you have dedicated to our endeavor. We hope that upon the Diner’s Grand Opening you will take pride in knowing your part in the Moondance has and will always be greatly appreciated. There’s a fine line between family, friends, community, employers and neighbors. Hats off to everyone!

To The MOOOOON!!!!! (in no particular order) I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone/group. Please let me know!

Michael Perlman: Save The Moondance Committee/ New York

Daniel Zilka: American Diner Museum/Rhode Island

Extel Corporation: New York

Frederic Schwartz: New York; “The Mechanics of Taste” Alan Bushbaum Editorial

Kent Profit: KP Trucking/ Big Piney WY (Thanks Dad- you helped Vince bring home a great Diner & a lot of work! It’s worth it!)

Phil & Angie Smith: Phil’s Water Service/ Big Piney, Wyoming

Phil’s Water Service Crew: Ed/Tan/Mike/Tucker

Will Hunt: Schmid Oil Service/ LaBarge, Wyoming

Dennis Hacklin: LaBarge Realty/ Mayor of LaBarge, Wyoming

Town of LaBarge: All the supportive citizens!

LaBarge Town Council/Planning & Zoning: LaBarge, Wyoming

Dawn Ballou & Clint Gilchrist:, Wyoming

Clint Gilchrist, Kristy Sims & Barbara Henry: Office Outlet/ Big Piney & Pinedale, Wyoming

Sue Sommers: Office Outlet/Pinedale, Wyoming

Richard Kail: Pinedale, Wyoming

Franz (New Frontier Hotel): Big Piney, Wyoming

Donald Hacklin: Hack’s Construction/ LaBarge, Wyoming

Mel Brandt & Crew: M&M Leasing/ Pennsylvania

Chris Lewis, Norman (Peanut) Tolle : Chris Lewis Escort Service/ Wisconsin

Devin K. Moultrie: M&M Leasing/ Escort Service/ Pennsylvania

Mark Atkinson: WSBDC Wyoming Small Business Development Center/ Green River, Wyoming

Mike, Sonja, & Pete: S&M Vehicle Escort Service/ New York

Travis, Tanya, Tanner & Teagan Elliott: T-Squared Framing/Marbleton, Wyoming

La Barge Elementary School: Chuck Hull, Eleanor Johnston, Beth Brown

La Barge Library: Marika Thayer

John & Karen Moore; The Foundation For Family Support & Transport/ Virginia

La Barge/Lincoln County Police Dept: Jeremy & Dawn Pittsley

Ilene Profit: Idaho

Andy Profit: North Carolina

Toni David: Triple Peak Guest Lodge/ Big Piney, Wyoming

Laurel Profit: Idaho/Wyoming

Penny (Bardin) Espeland: Ada County Citizens/ Greeters/ Laramie, Wyoming

Monte Elliott: Monte Elliott Productions/Videography/ Dillon, Montana

Jim & Toni Peterson: Wyoming Real Estate Source/ LaBarge, Wyoming

Betty Pierce/ Dillon, MT

Cole Pierce/ California

Tom Pierce & Jennifer Wigen/ Dillon, Montana

Judy Matthies/ Grant, Montana

Ned & DeEsta Wellborn/ Grant, Montana

Paula & Sophia Pierce/ Colorado

Billy & Debbie Pierce/ Dillon, Montana

Darby & Tonia Hoffman: Sweet Nothin’s Candy/ Big Piney, Wyoming

Gudrid Espencheid: Big Piney, Wyoming

Deena Daniels: Texas

Judy Hacklin: La Barge, Wyoming

Don & Theresa Mosher: New York

Whitney Schmid: Whit’s Place/ LaBarge, Wyoming

Bryan Hayes: US Foodservice/ Pinedale, Wyoming

Cowboy Coffee: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

New York Press/ Print/ Radio/TV

AP Press, NY Times, NY Daily News, NY Sun, , Rachel Ray Show, Fox & Friends Sunday

CNBC- Mike Hegedus & Victor, Channel 11 News

International Press/Print/Radio/TV

BBC-England/ Australia/Austria/France

Local(Wyoming) Press/Print/Radio/TV

Jeff Gerino: Casper Star-Tribune

Kay Murphy Fatheree & Erin Buller: Kemmerer Gazette

Alecia Warren: Pinedale Roundup

Sublette Examiner

Bob Rule: KPIN Radio

Wyoming Restaurant Association

Wyoming Travel & Tourism- Richard Koon

Vintage New York Diner finds home in Wyoming

Monday, August 20th, 2007

The Casper Star Tribune was on site for the arrival of the Moondance and unloading the next day.  They produced a video including an interview with Cheryl and Vince.

Vintage New York Diner finds home in Wyoming – Casper Star Tribune

The Moondance is HERE!

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Pinedale Online followed the progress of the move from New York to LaBarge with daily updates and photos from August 13 – 17, 2007.
Moondance Diner Progress: The Moondance is HERE! -

Other media also reported the arrival in Labarge:
Diner arrives at new home – Casper Star Tribune
Moondance Diner reaches new home in Wyoming – New York Daily News
NYC’s Moondance Diner Reaches New Wyoming Home – WCBS TV
Moondance Diner Reaches New Wyoming Home – 1010 Wins
New York landmark eatery arrives in Labarge – Billings Gazette
Wyoming Loves the Moondance – Vanishing New York

Diner attracts followers

Friday, August 17th, 2007

A group of followers rallied by Pennie Espeland were at Laramie to greet the Moondance Diner as it arrived in Wyoming.

Diner attracts followers – Casper Star Tribune

Big Story, Small Town: Moondance Diner

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Cheryl was interviewed by phone on Art Frennell Reports:

Big Story, Small Town: Moondance Diner – 6:30 minute video on YouTube

Moondance Diner Rides Off Into The Sunset

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Early on the morning of Saturday, August 11, 2007, the Moondance Diner finally left New York on the start of a 2100 journey to Labarge, Wyoming.  Several media covered the start of the trip.

Moondance Diner Rides Off Into The Sunset – WCBS TV (Includes Video)
Moving the Moondance: Diner Heads for Greener Pastures – 1010 Wins
Diner hits dusty trail – New York Daily News
Diner becomes movable feast – Jackson Hole Star Tribune
New Yorkers say goodbye as historic diner departs – Billings Gazette
Moondance Diner Site Finally Ready for Extell –
NYC diner heads to home on the range – Rocky Mountain News

Ready to hit the road

Friday, August 10th, 2007

After three days of delay the Associated Press reports that the Moondance Diner is loaded and ready to leave NY.
Ready to hit the road – Casper Star Tribune
Moondancing All the Way to Wyoming – New York Times
Famous diner begins trip to Wyoming –
Moondance Diner, A Piece of New York, Moves West –
Greasy Spoon Finally Taking Fork In The Road – New York Post
Moondance to make Wyoming move by starlight – New York Daily News
Notable New York diner sits on truck, ready for journey to Wyoming – Billings Gazette

Moondance Diner Move Delayed

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

The New York Observer reports on delays to moving the Moondance Diner because of permit issues while Vince and father-in-law Kent wait to drive the diner back to Wyoming. 
Moondance Diner Move Delayed – New York Observer

The Associated Press also reported on the delay:
Permit woe delays diner move – Casper Star Tribune
Moondance Diner move on hold – AM New York
Permit woe delays Wyoming move for New York’s Moondance Diner – Billings Gazette
Moondance Diner Isn’t Going Anywhere Just Yet –
NYC Building Dept, Not Just Bad But, Also Anti-Good – Lost New York City
LaBarge will have to wait for N.Y. diner – Billings Gazette

To Find This New York Diner, Head to Wyoming

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Gary Shapiro reports in the New York Sun on the move of the Moondance Diner to LaBarge, Wyoming with quotes from many people in New York and Wyoming.
To Find This New York Diner, Head to Wyoming – New York Sun

Press Release by the American Diner Museum on Historic Districts Council Newsstand
Dancing on the Moon: Moondance Diner Saved!
Historic Moondance Diner to be Saved – Recent Past Preservation Network

Several other New York media also picked up the story:
Downtown Diner Is Moving to Wyoming, Lock, Stock and Original Stools - New York Times
Diner Moving To Wyoming, Literally - New York Press
Go West, Old Diner – New York Magazine
We’d like one N.Y.C. diner, to go – New York Daily News
Moon Over Wyoming – Lost New York City
Moondance Moves to Wyoming –

The Associated Press also reported the story and was picked up nationally and internationally:
NYC landmark diner pulling up stakes – Billings Gazette
Landmark New York City diner seen in ‘Spider-Man’ is moving to Wyoming – International Herald Tribune
Couple brings NY landmark to LaBarge – Billings Gazette