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The lady’s got spunk, collects spoons and writes to us on Betty Boop stationary.

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

We have been very blessed during this past year 1/2. Although there have been many challenges one of the best rewards for our efforts has been the people who have contacted us nationally and internationally about the Moondance Diner. At some point I plan to mention as many of those who have written, phoned, or e-mailed us with best wishes and a “keep on, keepin’ on” encouragement. I need to make sure they do not mind my including their names on the website. Until then I must atleast highlight one supporter whom a few months ago sent us a wonderful letter. She lives in Howard Beach NY and has been touched by our efforts in bringing Moondance Diner to life here in Wyoming. She wrote to us on Betty Boop stationary and at some point in her letter indicated she is in her 90’s now and is fond of Mayor Bloomberg. She has since sent us hand-crafted Christmas ornaments which we will proudly display for Christmas’s to come at the Moondance. She has also sent us her “Spoon Collector Buy-Trade-” card as well. We just may be the venue she’s looking for with this particular hobby. She has sent several letters and we want to thank her as well as others like her who have taken time from their own busy lives to simply tell us “best regards, good luck, take care of Moondance, we’ll be visiting…. etc… etc…” This is TRULY the best we can take from this entire experience. This is one we can check off of our list as Goal: satisfied.

And The Oscar Goes To….

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Well Moondance Diner, at least its menu, had another brush with fame with a cameo appearance in the Oscar-nominated blockbuster Michael Clayton starring George Clooney. Several months ago an interested fan of Moondance Diner e-mailed us indicating about the brief scene featuring the Moondance Diner Menu (the 2007 Soho menu) in this movie. Just recently our friend from Manhattan, Frederic Swartz,  also e-mailed confirming it as well. Finally Vince & I watched the movie a day or two before the Oscars Show and sure enough it was right there; quite exciting to see the tell-tale emblem on the papers taken from the brief case of the down-spiralling attorney Michael Clayton (George Clooney) has been assigned to “fix”. It is very quick but if one pays close attention about 50 minutes into the film the Moondance Menu is very recognizable. Up until its final days in New York City, Moondance Diner was a uniquely memorable experience; obviously still intriguing to the film industry. The excitement with Moondance Diner is endless. Although the movie did not receive the Oscar; reaching second or third place in such a renowed forum can’t be all that bad!

New York Architect Lends A Helping Hand

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Finally got the opportunity to speak to Frederic Schwartz on the phone last week.  He is helping to locate the Moondance Diner blueprints which were an integral part in the Alan Bushbaum interior done in 1983.  He refers to himself as Fred and has been the “breath of fresh air” once before during the “cease order” issued by the City of New York while Vince and my Dad, Kent awaited the removal of Moondance Diner from the New York sidewalk.  Not certain how his words of encouragment (or possibly a phone call) lifted the “cease order” but soon after a brief conversation on site in Manhattan the work resumed and the rest is New York History! Now he has once again (dawning an ever so modest cape) offered to assist us in finding the sketches that will inevitably reveal some truths about Moondance Diner and it’s hidden amenities. This will be a new beginning for Moondance Diner; although we have to give credit to its very substantial  roots. This is so well said in the quote “Remember, the mightiest oak was once a little nut that held its ground.” Veronica

Three Cheers For Fred!

Where Moondance Fell Brack’s Grand Hotel Will Rise

Friday, October 12th, 2007 reports that Brack Capital Real Estate will build a 114 room botique hotel on the old site of the Moondance Diner in New York.  Their report includes pictures and maps of the location.

Where Moondance Fell Brack’s Grand Hotel Will Rise –

Moondance Diner – Late Update!

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Neil’s Time Machine took a picture of the old Moondance Diner location a month after the diner left New York.  He also links to a picutre taken in June 2007 when the diner wsa still open.

Moondance Diner – Late Update!

New Yorkers Bid Farewell To Last Free-Standing Manhattan Diner

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

NY1 News reports that the Moondance Diner will close its doors on July 1, 2007 after 70 years in business and that it is going to be moved to a Museum in Pensylvania.

New Yorkers Bid Farewell To Last Free-Standing Manhattan Diner – NY1 News

Several other sources picked up the same story:

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Moondance Diner-A tribute

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

Lisa posted a 2 minute documentary about her favorite place in NYC on MySpaceTV.

Moondance Diner-A-Tribute

Totally Moondance

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Grils Productions created a 5 miute video featuring the Moondance Diner and it has been posted on YouTube.

Totally Moondance – YouTube

The Ultimate Moveable Feast

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Alex Mindlin reports in the New York Times on efforts to raise $1000,000 to relocate the Moondance Diner including an art auction to be held on May 3rd by Moondance customer and artist Ruth Litoff.

The Ultimate Moveable Feast – New York Times

The press release for the art auction is also announced on a several blogs, some included viewer comments:

Fundraiser to Save the Moondance Diner – Historic District Council Newsstand
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Patrons Organize To Save Venerable SoHo Diner

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

NY1 News reports that a fundraising event will be held on May 3, 2007 to help relocate the Moondance Diner.  Owner Sunis Sharma says if it can not be moved the Diner will be closed on May 15, 2007.

 Patrons Organize To Save Venerable SoHo Diner – NY1 News