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Open on Thursdays

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

We have expanded our hours to include Thursdays beginning February 5.  We are now open 6 days a week from 5:30 am – 8 pm, closed on Sundays.  We look forward to serving you!

Out of the mouths of babes!

Friday, December 12th, 2008

I guess everyone has reasons for taking risks and working on making their dreams a reality. I know for Vince and I, as we are now in our mid-thirties, a day does not pass where we do not think of our children and what opportunities we may help them discover. I want the best for them. One of my concerns while taking on this endeavor has been any consequences to our family and time that we are so very accustomed to. I have been so proud of our son Mathiew, aged 9, and Ruby, aged 5 because they have adapted very well to the less than subtle intrusion of Moondance Diner in their lives. They are excited about our opening and already picture themselves sharing in the responsibilites. Beyond their ideas for the menu….they have shared their enthusiasm with friends and family.  We have truly enjoyed some of their commentary and ideas to make the Diner a special place. Ruby dresses up in an apron and chef’s hat often and spouts “May I help you or what would you like to order, mam/sir?” Mathiew has often held high regards for the cashier position…. indicating he would like to be the ONE to take the money! Our nephew Tanner has come up with an item called egg on egg… look for it to be a special. I have high hopes for Tanner taking a comfortable position on the line in the kitchen. His brother Teagan takes time out of his busy day in 1st grade to market the Moondance and get everyone excited about the opening. (although the date was incorrect he certainly keeps up the interest!)This is a blessing to have their support and encouragement… yet I am aware that once we open that will be the true test! Mathiew said it best one time shopping in a department store…. several people had pulled us aside and asked about the Moondance and expressed their excitement.  After about the 5th person had stopped us to chat he looked up at me and asked, “Mom do you remember the time when people didn’t know us nor about the Moondance Diner?”  I thought about it and decided how significantly our lives will change. 

Soda Fountain Blessing

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Vince has been keeping an eye out for a soda fountain to complete the Moondance Diner. In July he came across one on E-bay and contacted our Aunt, Toni David, whom is very familiar with E-bay. She won the bid for us and we immediately made arrangements with the owner of the soda fountain to pick it up. We knew it’s size (a perfect fit for our limited Diner space) and that it was anitque yet re-conditioned. It is an All-Dry Bastian Blessing complete with an ice-cream dipping compartment and two soda jerks. It also has dipping wells for all the toppings. Each ceramic well indicates whether is holds caramel, hot fudge etc etc. It needs some TLC… cleaning and shining up the stainless steel. The compressor runs well and we hope that it will be a intriguing focal point at the Diner. We appreciate our newest acquaintences in Wisonsin…. Harold Heopner and his niece Diane Poushe. After purchasing the unit at a rummage sale about 20 years ago, Harold intended on using it in his home but never got the opportunity. He and Diane have stored it ever since. Vince, Mathiew, Ruby and I will fondly remember our trip to Wisonsin…. it was a well-needed family get-away. Harold was not available the day we loaded up the Soda Fountain but made certain that his niece Diane and neighbor were there to help us out. We thank them kindly and look forward to their visit to Moondance so that we can serve them their favorite ice cream treat!

The Jay Thomas Milkshake…. Radio Host Plans To Air From Moondance?

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Jay Thomas interviewed me today on his talk show…. I was told we followed a segment on New York City toilets? As I do not have Sirius Satellite Radio I may soon become a subscriber.  I anticipated a little skepticism yet found the humor refreshing. As far as interviews go… this being my second live radio interview…. I think it went as well as expected. Got a pitch for the website and maybe a “fingers-crossed behind his back” promise of airing his radio show live from Moondance upon our Grand Opening this Spring. We welcome Jay Thomas and upon his arrival we’ll give a classic milkshake a brand new twist “The Jay Thomas Milkshake” could be a hit ! Thank you for the continued interest in our dream and we appreciate the support from everyone… all listeners and radio personalities alike.

Serious Siruis Interview…The Jay Thomas Show Talks Moondance Diner!

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Upcoming this Tuesday I will have the wonderful opportunity to partake in a live radio interview with the actor Jay Thomas. He has a new show on Sirius Satellite channel 102.  I was contacted on Friday by Lauren, a representative of the show, and apparently he has been following the Moondance Diner story and is interested to hear about our dream and adventure in moving it here to Wyoming. For those of you who do not have Sirius Satellite I will update my blog and let everyone know the jist of the interview. We appreciate the continued interest.

For more information go to and look under “Sirius Stars” for The Jay Thomas Show on channel 102.
P.S.  A quick side note to a local newspaper reporting the intentions of Rachel Ray to visit our Moondance Diner upon our Grand Opening.  I have spoken to a representative of The Rachel Ray Show back in August of 2007.  She was very interested in our story and did a brief telephone interview at that time indicating that if there was future interest on their part they would contact me in the future.  Although a visit from Rachel Ray or a second chance at an interview would be exceptional, I do not want it reported that any visit has been scheduled at this time. Rachel Ray is always welcome in La Barge and it would be an honor to serve her once the Moondance Diner opens its doors!!!!

Thanks for lending me an ear!